Ready for MQ v8.0?

IBM's MQ Dev team has been hard at work and v8.0 is the most secure MQ ever!
But only if you upgrade and configure it. IoPT can help with that.
Architecture? Health Check? Automation? We've got those covered too.

  • Intentcasting isn’t the problem. It’s intent-receiving that is at issue. Perhaps we can make marketing less creepy by learning from the autism/marketing connection.

    Intentcasting…to a roach?
  • I recently signed up for – and promptly dumped – Host Gator.  The QOS (Quotient of Suckage) was off the chart but in this post I’ll focus on a surprising security exposure that was revealed in the process.

    Surprising security issue at Host Gator
  • The business model behind Roadie sounds simple enough: fill all that unused cargo space in commuter cars with goods for delivery.  But look a bit deeper and it is potentially transformative.

    Roadie further blurs the lines between atoms and bits
  • Global advertising revenues have reached $512B and cybercrime, much of which is delivered over ad networks, is estimated to cost the global economy $445B annually. Cybercrime is the online ad industry’s silent partner and biggest beneficiary.
    Online advertising is the new digital cancer.

    Online advertising is the new digital cancer
  • What would you do if you suddenly realized that your business model was indistinguishable from organized crime? Or, worse, if you realized that your business directly harmed people economically and physically? Web Marketing has evolved to become the R&D lab for organized cybercrime.

    The Marketing/Cybercrime symbiosis
  • Marketing Week’s article Smart Homes Lack Consumer Connection itself seems to be lacking in consumer connection.

    Marketing Week’s flawed IoT survey
  • How would you design net commerce software if you built it from scratch today, when we have ubiquitous computing devices with as much power as a mainframe did in the 1980’s? Would you give your data to vendors who in turn didn’t share it with you?

    Is it bigger than a lolcat?
  • Flat networks in a corporate setting are notoriously unsecure. If we are serious about the Internet of Things, why would we make the same mistake in the home now that we have a green-field opportunity to do it right?

    Isolation within the Personal Cloud