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  • How would you design net commerce software if you built it from scratch today, when we have ubiquitous computing devices with as much power as a mainframe did in the 1980′s? Would you give your data to vendors who in turn didn’t share it with you?

    Is it bigger than a lolcat?
  • Flat networks in a corporate setting are notoriously unsecure. If we are serious about the Internet of Things, why would we make the same mistake in the home now that we have a green-field opportunity to do it right?

    Isolation within the Personal Cloud
  • Frank Hayes over at Storefront Backtalk asks “When Is Data Collection Creepy?“  That’s a really good question now that ordinary people are waking up to the possibility that anyone and everyone can track them online and in real life.  The post touches on but doesn’t quite illuminate that the biggest difference is one of atoms… [Continue Reading]

    Industry still puzzling over consumer reaction to tracking
  • T.Rob’s RBAC Manifesto

    Developers must design for the cloud and not for the component, and that means designing RBAC in from the start.


    My RBAC Manifesto
  • Escaping Advertising’s Uncanny Valley

    The better Ad-tech gets, the more people hate it. Conventional wisdom says to keep improving on it and attitudes will change. Wrong. Here’s why.

    Escaping advertising’s uncanny valley
  • Swedes: Closet VRM activists?

    VRM applications are already here today, quietly going about their business, not saying, or possibly not even knowing, that they are VRM.

    Swedes: Closet VRM activists?
  • How big is the market for VRM?

    In many cases, the answer is “one.” And that’s a Good Thing.

    Big Data?  No.  Big Signal!
  • Why break stuff?

    If you want to build secure systems, you need to be highly skilled at breaking them.

    I’m T.Rob. I break stuff.

    Why break stuff?