DSC00324t_257x257Why IoPT?   Because the Internet of things is nothing without people.  Unfortunately, most of the implementations of “smart” devices so far ignore this fact.  The mission of IoPT is to put people into the Internet of things using pub/sub, and local publication of signed messages so that the device owner is the first, and possibly only, owner of the device data.

Of course, this architecture is well served by MQTT at the device and WebSphere MQ in the enterprise.  The piece in the home that interacts with the device and the user has yet to be specified but almost any device with embedded Linux will do.  That includes X-Box, Roku, NAS drives, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and more.

IoPT’s part in making this all happen is to work both with the Enterprise shops that use WebSphere MQ and MQTT, and also with the device manufacturers and personal Cloud vendors, guiding each toward the other and meeting in the middle.


IoPT Consulting is the incorporated version of T.Rob Wyatt.  The company is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.  Speaking opportunities will be considered world wide.  Consulting engagements are available in the United States.

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