Privacy Policy


IoPT Consulting believes that you are the first owner of your data and should have a say in how it is used.  We will never knowingly share your confidential information without your consent.

Current technology running the Internet and modern business was designed to extract and mine as much of your personal information as possible.  We view this as a detrimental societal influence and IoPT Consulting was formed in part to address the issue by building secure alternatives that respect individual privacy and sovereignty.  At the present time, few such alternatives exist.  Where such information capture is unavoidable, we take measures to minimize it.  What’s left is disclosed on this page.

This is our position with respect to all aspects of our business.



This policy applies to information shared or exchanged through the IoPT Consulting outside the context of a consulting engagement.  Any information obtained by us during the course of a consulting engagement  is governed by the terms of the engagement contract.



IoPT Consulting will never deliberately sell or share information that we keep about companies and individuals without your permission, with the following exceptions:

  • As required to conduct business.  Third party professional services with access to your information include banking, accounting and legal teams.  All such third parties are contractually bound to not share your information further.
  • As required by law and supported by the appropriate warrant or subpoena.

As noted below, IoPT Consulting uses third party providers for a number of business services.  These include web and email providers, and the WordPress framework.  Indirectly, your ISP and email provider also have some ability to track your activity with us.  We have structured our web site and services to minimize the information collected by such third parties, however some tracking is unavoidable.


What we collect

On the web

The IoPT Consulting web site collects the minimum information from the web site required to conduct business.  This includes information you may submit using the Contact form or as comments to blog posts.

The frameworks that we use to build the web site support various analytic and tracking technologies.  In particular, the site uses WordPress statistics and will recognize a logged-in WordPress user.  The WordPress framework makes use of JavaScript and cookies.

We do not run 3rd party ads nor do we depend on ad revenue from the web site.  However, the WordPress framework appears to embed Quantcast beacons in the web site.  Third party trackers injected by WordPress may change from time to time without notice.  Feel free run privacy software such as Ghostery or Perspectives and to refuse or delete cookies.

Our web site uses social media sharing widgets on blog and some other pages.  These help us to market our services when readers of the site share with their networks.  We appreciate you helping to spread the word about us!  However, we do not depend on this functionality for revenue and we invite you to disable the widgets that you do not wish to use.  Again, we recommend Ghostery or your favorite privacy software for this purpose.


Through email

Much of our business is conducted over email.  In addition, information that you submit through the web site using the Contact form or as comments to blog posts may be transmitted to IoPT Consulting via email notifications.  Email is an insecure channel and we cannot guarantee that such emails will not be read by third parties.  In fact, we assume that it is.  If you need to exchange sensitive information with us over email, we advise that you enclose it in an encrypted zip file or encrypted PDF before sending it to us.


Opting out

We believe that it is ridiculous that web sites attempt to contractually bind you to terms that you have never read.  We take a different approach.  All our information sharing services default to opt-out.  You must explicitly request membership in our mailing lists or social media broadcasts.  You are free to opt-out of any of these services at any time.

Where third party sharing or tracking is used, we try to minimize it.  Rather than blindly binding you agree to use such services, we attempt to make the web site function with cookies and tracking disabled so that you can directly control the amount of information that you share.  If you find something that go past us and the site breaks with it disabled, let us know and we’ll work with the vendor to try to fix it.


Thank you!

Because we take security and privacy so seriously, we feel privileged that you took the time to read this page.  Dis we miss anything?  If so, please let us know.  After the official launch, we will have a mailing list set up to send notifications when this page changes.